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About me

Professionally, I’m a designer who loves to help families transform their homes into purposeful, beautiful spaces that make the best of their potential and fit everyday life. My role is to create a vision that fits both their space and their family, and then bring the details together to make the vision a reality.

In my church, I have the privilege of serving as a part of the worship team. I’m blessed to serve because music speaks to the soul in a way few things can. I believe worship music is not only a great teacher of scripture and theology, but also a way to connect with our divine Creator. Occasionally, I also speak at women’s ministry functions.

At home, I’m an organizing, planning, list-making, question-asking, family-loving, design-blogging, DIY-ing, book-reading, car-singing, mistake-making, grace-receiving child of God. I’m richly blessed with some of the best family and friends a person could ever hope to have, and I am married to my best friend. Our home is our haven, a refuge from the outside world. I believe that the shelter that protects us should be a reflection of ourselves, and that we should feel as comfortable inside our four walls as we do in our own skin. 

My blog’s mission

To inspire and encourage women to: 

1) live purposefully, intentionally, and authentically

2) find joy, contentment and gratitude in everyday life

3) create a home that is as functional and comfortable as it is beautiful

Follow me as I explore what it means to lead an authentic, inspired life, and provide ideas and resources for you to create your own {inspired} haven.



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