Hi friends!

It’s hard to believe another week has come and gone. If I’ve been quiet lately it’s because I’m leaving no stone unturned in my quest for a simpler home!

If you’re unfamiliar with the challenge, I decided to get rid of at least as much stuff as I accumulated last year. I committed to filling all the paper bags and plastic bags in my stash! So here’s how the count is shaping up on Day 14 of my crazy Bag-a-Day Challenge:

Bag-a-Day Challenge: Day 14

Paper bags: 15 |  Plastic bags:16 | Total bags: 31 (and counting!)

The biggest culprit? Not what I expected… it’s PAPER! I would never have guessed on Day 1 that the largest single contributor to my pile is paper clutter.

Oh — and apparently, if I want to stick to a goal, it’s a good idea to tell the entire internet what I’m trying to do. My husband tried to take out some of the bags marked “recycle” and I nearly short-circuited. “I’m counting those!!!!!” I frantically called to him, “and the whole internet knows! I just need it to stay here here until I’m done.” As far as counts go, I’m a little ahead, but that’s a good thing… if I finish early, even better! Hey, I figure if you’re on a roll, don’t stop at one bag today.

Normally we do get rid of our giveaways, recycling, etc, right away, because we like the empty space. But there is something about seeing all your junk in one spot that 1) gives you a feeling of accomplishment for having discarded it all, and 2) really provides perspective. Over the weekend my hubby and I stood in the doorway looking at our accumulated heap and both gained perspective on how much stuff has been stifling us in our own home — and how relieved we both are to see it go.

You may also notice the pile of boxes to the right of my stash — those are now empty and ready to move on out. (<– woohoo!!)

Tomorrow I will be talking about tackling the closet, and why it’s important to have a plan! I hope you’ll join me. And as always I’d love to hear how your own bag-a-day challenge is going!

Happy sorting~



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