Hello friends!

If you’ve joined me for the Bag-a-Day Challenge, how is it going for you?

One thing I especially noticed this week is how much lighter I feel with every bag I fill. It’s as though the weight and burden of clutter and excess stuff is slowly being lifted, and I feel… free.

Day 21 of the Bag-a-Day Challenge | Inspired Haven

My totals to date: 20 paper, 26 plastic (and counting!) – plus the stuff in the corner that is too big to bag, as well as all the empty boxes and bins.

I also want to give a huge shout-out to my mom, who has joined me on this challenge. She is on a roll! I don’t know how she has managed to fill bags and also sleep at all over the past 21 days, but she has filled more than 3 times what I have. Mom, you rock!

Happy sorting everyone ~





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