Woohoo! Day 40 has arrived and it’s time for the final count. How did I do?

Before you organize, simplify! I got rid of 72 bags in 40 days.

Final count: 31 paper bags, 41 plastic, for a total of 72 bags in 40 days!

I have to admit, in the beginning I was skeptical about whether I could actually fill all those bags. Let me just tell ya, if you want to stick to a goal, write a blog and tell everyone!

I held on to my discard pile until day 40 as a visual reminder of a couple of things:

1) Why it’s important to simplify BEFORE organizing! Who wants to spend time and energy figuring out how to store a bunch of stuff we don’t need? Organizing all of this would have taken weeks out of my life. Now I can spend that time focusing on things that matter to me.

2) How much space our excess stuff truly takes up in our homes and lives. Seeing it all in one place helps to put into perspective how much room clutter is really consuming in all those closets and drawers. Now that it’s gone, I can find what I need faster and move on with my day!

If you’ve been doing the challenge with me, please give yourself a huge pat on the back and get ready to enjoy your new found space!


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