Whoops! Apparently I never actually published this post last week! So, I’m going to piggy-back this week’s update, since I don’t have much to add.

I spent the bulk of last week with the plague sick in bed. Sick as in no laundry, no reading, no working, no blogging, no cleaning. Sick as in lying in bed watching my floors look dirty, and (almost) not even caring that I was powerless to defeat those little dust bunnies. I’m still a little under the weather, but am slowly catching up on work and household-y stuff.

So, I’ve had to give myself a grace period on the bag-a-day challenge and extend my deadline for a few more days. I did manage to fill one more paper and one more plastic, for counts of 25 paper, 30 plastic. So, 15 bags to go and several of them are already partially filled.

The point is: keep moving forward, even if you hit a bump in the road!


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Hi everyone! Quick update on the Bag-a-Day Challenge:

I’ll still making good progress, but between my trip to KBIS and the fact that I’m down to sorting smaller items, I’m not filling bags as quickly as I did during the first 3 weeks. If you’re in the same boat, don’t feel discouraged! The most important thing is to keep at it.

Take the Bag-a-Day Challenge and simplify your space! InspiredHaven blogAs of Day 28, I’ve filled 24 paper and 29 plastic bags. Though I haven’t met my target for day 28, I do feel good about having filled a total of 53 bags that are leaving my house forever! And I’m motivated to do some catching up this week.

Happy sorting, and I’d love to hear how it’s going for you too!


One thought on “Bag-a-Day Challenge Update: Days 28 & 35

  1. Well, Ms Crystal, you have motivated me to go through all of my stuff. Only problem with mine is I have many many years of stuff to go through. The first small attempt I managed to sort was my small wherehouse about 5 feet into the door area. Out of 8 bins I kept 1 bin. For someone that is a sewer and crafter, the dilema is always “I might use this on my next decorating job”. But some of my ‘next jobs’ have never come thru to use the stuff. So I am excited to go thru it and see who can use it and become part of their ‘craft’ or ‘sewing’ fun for them. Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Rosa S. H.

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