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Welcome to our humble abodeWelcome to my blog!

I’ve known for a long time I wanted to write a blog, but its format and content was not distinct in my mind. Recently, though, I’ve seen some recurring themes in my own life, and in the lives of friends, family, and clients that have helped this blog take on its shape and direction.


Several of us have – by design or due to life circumstances – moved or taken on remodeling projects recently. Time and time again, I’ve heard the very same words from my friends and clients that I myself have wrestled with: “Why do I have so much stuff?”

The combination of being overwhelmed by all of our stuff, becoming a tiny bit disgusted with ourselves for accumulating all of it in the first place, and entering a time of transition creates the perfect storm: We become motivated to simplify, pare down and organize. Well, except that we lack the time, energy and fortitude to plow through all of our junk.

One purpose of this blog is to inspire simplicity – to pare down to what’s important in our lives and focus on what really matters.


All too often, we find ourselves trying to reconcile the reality of our lives with the dream version we’ve crafted for ourselves: the Houzz- and Pinterest-worthy alter egos we keep striving to become and yet find ourselves failing daily. We measure ourselves against an imaginary yardstick and face pressures to be more than we can be, afraid that somehow we aren’t enough.

Well friends, it’s time to let that one go. It’s a lie. If we collectively could just let down our guards and let the real version of ourselves shine, imagine the impact we could have on each other and on the world around us? Authenticity is our ally, not our enemy. I love each of you for who you are, and for who you were created to become, not for who you think you should be.

A primary objective of this blog is to encourage authenticity in all aspects of our lives: in our relationships, our work, our homes and in the way we serve.


I believe our tendency to accumulate too much stuff and our fear of imperfection are both rooted in a lack of contentment.

We have an unhealthy desire for perfection, and an erroneous tendency to believe that if we could just have x, or achieve y, then we would be happy. We want and we want and we want, and we don’t have a definition of what is enough. We accumulate stuff and waste so much of our time and money trying to achieve something money isn’t going to buy.

But what about making a decision to be happy with what we have? To make choices that reflect who we are, to choose contentment regardless of where we are in our lives?  Instead, so often we later discover with regret the years we’ve lost or wasted because we were too focused on what we didn’t have to enjoy what was right in front of us.

My hope is that this blog will encourage all of us to make the most of what we have, even when our homes and circumstances aren’t perfect or when the road we’re on is far from the path we’ve dreamed of.

Inspired Life, Inspired Home

All too often, I get asked by clients what they “should” do, what everyone else is doing, and what is popular. But here’s the thing: unless your solution fits the structure and character of the home and is tailored to your tastes and your family’s needs, it won’t be a good fit. My designs are inspired by the people they serve, and each design draws upon the potential the space already has.

I believe a good design incorporates pleasing aesthetics with functional, practical solutions for a family’s lifestyle and organizational needs. It also works within a realistic budget and can be maintained with a reasonable amount of effort and time. A great design will feel ‘just right’ – when the design accurately reflects your taste and lifestyle, it will feel like home.

This blog will often feature design and home improvement inspiration, DIY projects and tips for creating a home you love that fits the way you live, using the budget you have!

So without further ado, I introduce to you:

Blog logo headerI can’t promise it will be perfect, but it will be authentic, and will often be a reflection of what I’m learning or working on in my own life or with my clients. Thank you for joining me for the journey!


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