Class reunion table decor

Summer is almost here, and if Pinterest is any indication, a lot of you are in the process of planning your class reunions!

Last year, I had the pleasure of serving with a great team to put together our 20-year class reunion. Our team had a vision of an elegant, casual get together for friends rather than the typical gym or hotel ballroom dance (we did enough of those in our school days!). We wanted an atmosphere that was casual but elegant, just structured enough, but not overplanned or kitschy. Our committee wanted the kind of party we would enjoy as a host or as a guest.

And of course, we needed to stay within a strict budget to keep ticket prices down. Our decoration budget was about $4 per ticket.

Impossible? No! Difficult, yes… But with some ingenuity, imagination, thrift shopping and lots of DIY power, yes, it can be done.

Here is the breakdown of what we needed:

Centerpieces for 12 round dining tables (combination indoor and outdoor)

Class reunion table decor

Photo credit: Jessie Lucas – ciaobeatrice (at) gmail (dot) com

Class reunion table decor

Photo by Jessie Lucas – ciaobeatrice (at) gmail (dot) com


Memorabilia table

Class reunion memorabilia board with cheer and football uniforms

Photo Credit: Jessie Lucas – ciaobeatrice (at) gmail (dot) com

Class reunion memorabilia board

Putting the finishing touches on the memorabilia board – bring extra strong pins to hold things like uniforms, letters and numbers onto the foam board so they don’t fall!

Welcome table

“In memorium” kiosk

Budget total: $400, which equated to about $30 per table.

Stay tuned for a few more details on how we pulled it off!

Class reunion table decor with flowers and ribbon to match school colors

Photo credit: Jessie Lucas – ciaobeatrice (at) gmail (dot) com


5 thoughts on “Class Reunion Decor

  1. I am also planning 20 year reunion for 94 and want to know where you found or how you made the 93 for the center piece on the first photo.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Bessie! They are white wooden letters from JoAnn fabrics hand painted with gold fleck paint (also from JoAnn). Good luck with your reunion planning! — Crystal

    • Hi Teresa, if I remember correctly the papier-mache letters were from Michaels the wooden ones were from Jo-Ann Fabrics. We painted them in the colors we needed. Happy reunion planning!!

      • I almost forgot! The tiny letters on the vases were purchased individually, painted, then glued together to read “GHS” and wired to the ribbon.

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