Hello 2015

Hi friends!

How was your New Year celebration? If it was anything like mine, you turned in early and slept through the countdown (my favorite way to ring in the new year!).

One thing I’ve always loved about day 1 on a new calendar is the feeling of a fresh start. I’ve been making new year resolutions since I was old enough to write them down. But I’ve also learned that resolutions are too quickly broken and it’s easy to give up. Choosing a focus area allows me to turn a new page every day as I work toward my goals.

So this year, I set about my planning a little differently. Instead of writing a list of ways I want to be perfect (knowing full well I will not), I instead set up a planning worksheet that lists my priorities. By the way, I’m offering this as a FREE printable for my readers!

2015 Planning Worksheet - FREE printable at Inspired Haven!

I’ve chosen a focus area, an action word, core values, and everyday choices that are in line with my focus area. The purpose is to make daily choices that are in line with these priorities in my life, and rather than making an all-or-nothing resolution, it gives me a daily reminder of what I’m striving for.

Focus area for 2015: 
Work-life balance
Action word for 2015:

More specifically, I want to simplify, streamline and pare down my stuff, my home, my work, and my schedule.

Core values for 2015:
Family, Faith, Friends, Health

These are the values I want my 2015 choices to reflect…. especially in how I spend my time. Specifically, what I want is to be a better steward of my time so work takes its proper place in my life. That way, I can devote more of my personal time to what I value most: my family, faith, and friends. And in order to do that, I also need to take better care of myself than I did last year to avoid burnout.

Everyday Choices:
What I want to choose more of & less of this year:

More rest, less working late. More meals at home, less fast food. More water, less diet coke. More exercise, less TV. More order, less clutter. More Bible reading, less Candy Crush. More prayer, less worry. More giving, less buying. More space, less stuff. You get the picture!

Happy planning!


PS: Here’s the scoop on the 2015 planning worksheet:

Free Printable! It isn’t too late to write down your plan to FACE your year too!

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