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Do you ever find the stuff in your life is holding you back? No, not the drama. I mean the stuff.

It’s been about a month since my last blog post. I’ve been feeling a little under-inspired to write lately and hadn’t really stopped to think about why. For the first few days it was due to a ridiculously long work week, but after that, there was a lot of ‘stuff’ holding me back.

Stuff like the laundry that reached a “wash or go shopping” critical moment last week and culminated in an all-nighter trying to catch up. Stuff like the pile of lists, coupons, notes and unfiled papers that took over my desk and left me with no room for creativity. Stuff like the dishes still on the drying mat, shoes piled on the closet floor, and the weeds growing so high the place is starting to look haunted. Stuff like that nagging feeling I’m forgetting something. Stuff like worrying that I am giving the best of my time to my work and missing out on moments with those who matter to me the most.

Life just gets busy sometimes. I get that. There are seasons we all experience, times when we just get by because that’s all we can do. Times when our patterns of order and organization get interrupted and we have to be more flexible. This often happens during a move, remodel, or big project, and/or (as in our case) a time of working an insane number of hours to the detriment of our normal homekeeping routines. The chaos begins to wear you down.

I promise, I’m getting to the point…

The chaos wasn’t just wearing me down. It was stifling my desire and ability to rest, relax, and refresh. It was making me tired and distracting me from anything requiring focus. And it was quite literally squeezing me out of my creative space. I needed to get control of my space again. And so the triage began.

During my after-work hours, I spent the past week doing an intensive housework bootcamp: dusting, scrubbing, mopping and clearing the clutter on my desk, the refrigerator, the kitchen counter, the nightstand, the closet, my purse and my car. Each morning I woke up and noticed the progress, savoring the feeling of returning to a place called normal. And of course, I drank a huge coffee to get through each morning.

This process got me thinking about the systems we have to keep our lives in order, and the stuff that dictates how we spend our hours. And I realized it’s time to simplify. Again.

Tomorrow’s post is all about simplifying. I hope you’ll join me for the journey!

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