Fall in all its splendor - Just look up

It’s official, Fall has arrived!

I’ve been craving boots-and-sweater weather for quite some time, but Summer has given us a last hurrah with triple-digit weather, and most of the west coast seems to be on fire at the moment. Boy are we ready for some crisp air and big El Nino rain!

Just look up

It has been quiet here at the blog this summer, but good things are happening behind the scenes! While I haven’t been writing much, I’ve kept busy… more to come soon about that.

Just the other day I was on a walk in the neighborhood and noticed the smattering of crisp leaves on the ground, the multi-hued heralds of the new season. As I walked I started thinking about how often we only notice what is going around us at ground level. How often do we bother to look up?

Had I been looking up lately, I would have noticed the trees all around us have begun to take on the rich hues of Fall. It’s my favorite thing about fall – the promise of change ahead, the circle of life preparing itself for a season of rest before new life arrives. How much beauty would I have missed out on if I hadn’t had the reminder to take my eyes off of what is in front of me and just look up?

I feel like it happens like that too often with daily life – circumstances become such that we just focus on what is immediately in front of us, and we don’t stop to look up. Or at least that’s what happens to me! If summer has taught me one thing it’s that life is both precious and short. It would be a waste to spend it wondering where the time has gone, watching one season after the next come and go, never stopping to seek God’s direction, never embracing the little things and enjoying their beauty.

So today I’d challenge you to join me and look for beauty in the small things. It’s all around us and it’s a different and new gift every day.

I’m looking forward to seeing and sharing with you all the (big and small) things God has in store for us this Fall!


This post is dedicated to my beloved pup Jax, who we lost to cancer over the summer. He always reminded me to stop and enjoy the little things, and he never tired of looking up – especially if the squirrel show was on TreeVee! Next week he would have celebrated his eleventh birthday. I miss him more than words can say.

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  1. I love this post. Look up. Change coming. Beauty in the small things. Sometimes we forget to look up and to look around us and we just need to slow down and take in our surroundings. This is a wonderfull reminder.

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