clearing out, making room | inspired havenThis week I’ve been talking about how our stuff holds us back and about our need for simplicity. I’m still working diligently on the project of the week: clearing out the closets! If you’ve joined me in the challenge, how is it going for you? It feels good to let go of stuff we don’t need, doesn’t it?

Sometimes, though, it’s not so much about the physical stuff as it is about the mental, spiritual and emotional stuff. It’s the kind of clutter that can paralyze us and hold us back from the lives we are meant to lead.

In her song Making Room”Staci Frenes writes about clearing out the  clutter that can hold us back. I love the word pictures she uses:

“I’m making room, letting in the light”

To me, it describes the concept of simplicity so beautifully: letting go of the “stuff” and the baggage we hold onto in this life and creating space in which we have the freedom to thrive and grow.

“I’m making room for the wind to dance through”

It’s about putting aside the things that stand in our way of contentment and peace and of living the life we were created for.

“For the music, for the laughter, for the breath of life to happen”

When “stuff” gets in the way, we miss opportunities to love, serve, nurture, and grow. If we don’t make room, we can miss out on some wonderful moments.

“It’s long overdue, I’m making room… for you”

A couple of years ago I went through a clearing out process after the grief and devastation of infertility and loss. I had begun to realize life had gone on around me while mine was on hold. I found myself full of regret for the lost years: the moments and fellowship and joy I had missed out on. And I decided it was long overdue for me to make some room.

In my case, it meant letting go of maternity clothes and baby items. It meant allowing myself to grieve my losses, including the loss of control over my situation. I let go of my need to carry a pregnancy to term — and all the experiences that come with it. I let go of the expectations I had for the way our family would grow.

And in the process of letting those things go, I made room for hope, happiness, and the possibilities and plans God has for me and for our family.

A question to think about this weekend… if you had more room what would it look like? And what things are standing in the way?


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