What is Bloglovin? I’m glad you asked.

I’m all about things that keep me organized, so when I discovered this handy little app, I am sure I heard angels singing.

I’m going to skip the technical stuff because (between you, me and the fence post) I have absolutely no idea how this stuff works. But there is something called an RSS feed that takes the content from a blog and — like the magic of images appearing on the TV screen — the blog shows up in the app.


You can sign up on their website and find all your favorite blogs, organize them however you like, and read them in one place, at your leisure.

The cool thing is you can even add blogs that haven’t added themselves, so you have a one-stop place to do all your blog reading.

You can add the app to your smartphone, tablet, etc and catch up on your faves when you’re waiting for… well, just about anything.

You’re welcome.


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