If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know I’m in love with my perfectly delicious, pink and white-striped Day Designer from Belle and Blush.

Day Designer love {Inspired Haven}

I spent weeks researching  stalking various planners online, scouring Pinterest, google image searches and YouTube for just the right planner that would sing to me. After years of planner trial and error, attempts to go paperless, and abandoned-mid-year paper planners, I figured I was looking for a unicorn. It just didn’t exist! I even attempted to design my own, but once I began to consider the costs of one-off printing and beautiful binding, I decided to choose a planner and give it a good college try.

It’s just… I like a pretty planner and all the options that had the features I wanted just seemed so… vanilla.

And that’s when I discovered Amy Tangerine’s YouTube Video showing a creative monthly setup:

And this one sealed it for me! I tend to be one of those people who will avoid writing in my planner if it doesn’t look neat and perfect, and inspired me to give myself permission to have a planner that suits my Type A needs and allows me to express my creative side equally well. A huge thank you to Amy Tangerine for the inspiration!

Now it was just a matter of finding a cover I loved. Day Designer was the winner with the gold binding, tiffany blue inside cover, and the soft pink and gold stripes on the outside. And it even came in this beautiful box.

Day Designer flagship edition, Belle and Blush pink painterly stripe

The #stationerygeek in me is head over heels! Time will tell whether I use it well, but so far I’m loving it.


Disclaimer: this post contains an affiliate link.

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