A few weeks ago I shared my yard improvement project from our front porch area. Though we still have a LONG way to go, I’m excited to share with you the┬ásecond phase of the project: our side yard.

This little space was a doozy! An abundance of sunlight with just the right amount of shade gave these weeds all the encouragement they needed to take over the place.

Winning the war on weeds, part 2! Inspired Haven

Winning the war on weeds, part 2 | Inspired Haven

So, bright and early on a Saturday morning, I suited up with my gardening gloves and tackled the weeds one section at a time. 12 hours later, the weeds were gone and I was leveling out the dirt to lay down weed stop. Eventually, I ran out of daylight, and as it turns out, this was a good thing. When I woke up the next morning I had pain in muscles I didn’t know existed. I’m thinking of branding my own line of bootcamp workouts… yard fit??

I went back at it on Sunday afternoon with the help of my hubby, who provided the sledgehammer power to break up some chunks of stucco that were globbed up against the exterior walls while I cleared some rocks (and did my little spider dance move a few or more times). With the rocks and debris out of the way, we were able to level out the last of it and lay down the remaining weed stop, and then spread and level the bark.

Last, I picked up some snapdragons, which are a pretty, drought-tolerant plant that likes a little bit of sun and provides sweet little red blooms for a pop of color.

Winning the war on weeds, part II | Inspired Haven

Debating still whether to plant them or put them in planters… here are the before and after photos of the small space next to our air conditioning unit:

Before: next to the AC unit

Before: next to the AC unit

Winning the War on Weeds, Part II | Inspired Haven

After: next to the AC unit

(Update: we planted the snapdragons a week later and unfortunately 2 of the 4 are not doing so great, even with consistent watering. I’m not sure whether a soil amendment will help or whether they are goners. This is a little outside of my scope of expertise, so I’m learning as I go!)



Winning the war on weeds, part II | Inspired Haven

Even the meter is accessible again!

The side yard path is on our list of concrete work to be done, so this is again a temporary fix, but at least one we can enjoy until we are ready to tackle the big stuff.

More to come!


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