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Hello friends! Long time no talk.

It’s hard for me to believe it has already been a month since I announced our house is in the “hot mess” stage of a flooring renovation. It’s almost as hard to believe that the hot mess became a hotter mess. And even so, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Just 2 days ago, my kitchen looked like this:

Cabinets and counters prepped for tile demo

(See that newspaper? It’s from 1972, and was put there to absorb the sticky linoleum glue the first time the kitchen was remodeled. It’s now bonded to the plywood subfloor.) #remodelology

Remember how I said “preparation” for a remodel is a neat and tidy word that means loud noises and lots of dust? See what I mean?

And today, after some minor subfloor repair, the underlayment went down in our kitchen — a.k.a. the final frontier in our flooring adventure.

Bellawood underlayment being installed

I miss cooking. I miss having clean counters and floors. I miss “normal”.

And yet, I feel incredibly thankful — for this home, for the opportunity to do this improvement, and for the hands that have made it possible.

Normal will be back soon. And so will my regular blog posts, I promise!


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