For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a plant-killer. Things don’t grow on my watch, but rather, my house is the place where plants go to die.

Except weeds.

Winning the war on weeds | Inspired Haven

Weeds love my yard. And lately, they have been thriving and wreaking havoc on every immune system in my household. In addition to inspiring a sneeze-fest, they also seem to be able to make the place look uninhabited to the casual observer. Eventually, we plan to tear out the existing (or should I say, non-existent) landscape and put in a real yard with real stuff in it. So, it wouldn’t make sense to invest a lot of money into a short term fix.

But quite frankly, I’ve just plain had enough of being that house.

So over the weekend I declared war.

I spent about a hundred dollars on black bark, weed stop fabric, staples, a pair of gloves for the pokey weeds (I’m told it’s called thistle, but whatever) and a dandelion digger.

2 days later…. ta da!

Winning the War on Weeds | Inspired Haven

I was so excited I went out and bought some little solar lights to line the border and uplight the tree.¬†Obviously it’s a little bare without actual plants, but I’ll take it over weeds any day.

And of course the cute little guy is now ready to say hello to visitors.

Welcome bear! Winning the war on weeds | Inspired Haven

And, I’m motivated to take on another section of yard next weekend. I will win this war. Raaaaaahhhhh!

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