Ready to create a space you love?

Welcome to Inspired Haven Design. I’m Crystal Hackl, and I’m so glad you are here!

My design philosophy?

Your home should reflect who you are, and who you want to be. It should inspire connection, learning, and personal growth. It is the place you let your guard down, and gives you space to be you at your very best.

I’m passionate about transforming spaces for my clients so they support you in living the life you dream of.

I serve the Tri-Valley portion of the East SF Bay Area, CA in person, and now offer online services as well. My services range from consultations and design coaching, to comprehensive layout and selection planning, to remodel design and project management.

Your home should be a place that inspires you. A space that nurtures, restores, and refreshes you.

For over 15 years, I’ve helped couples and families turn their homes into spaces they love.

Whether you’re looking for a cosmetic update or a major overhaul with structural changes, we can create a home you’ll love to spend time in, too.

We start with a vision:

First, we work together to define your unique tastes and preferences – both individually and as a couple or family. From there, we create a look and feel that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for everyone who calls the space home.

Transforming rooms and homes into functional and beautiful spaces is my passion!

Flat lay with a natural woods and greiges showing herringbone subway tile.

Your home should support you in everything you do – from family life, to productive work zones, to health, wellness and rest. It should be the place you can come home to and get recharged so you can live your best life both at home and away.

My approach to designing a space is holistic. I learn how my clients live in their spaces, and help them identify what is currently working and what isn’t, so we can create a functional space that meets the needs of everyone in the home. No two families are alike, so no two solutions should be either.

Designing a home is much more personal than just defining a color scheme or choosing a decorating style.

Whether you’re looking for an expert consultation, a vision and concept to bring to life, or full service design and project management, let’s connect so we can discover together the solution that will best fit your needs.

Where you can find me!

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