Fall wreath (tutorial!)

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Fall is nearly here! The PSL is back at Starbucks and in spite of the temperatures outside shouting otherwise, the back-to-school season has me craving denim, scarves, boots, and all things fall. But I’m not quite ready to break out the traditional fall colors and orange pumpkins just yet.

I’ve been stalking Pinterest for fall wreaths, and have found myself pinning green and white hydrangeas, burlap ribbon and filler with a branch-y look. Combined with the fact that my favorite early fall fragrance is apple, I decided to ease into fall decor into the fall with a green apple themed wreath for the front door.

With the idea fresh in my mind and a sale flyer in hand, I headed over to Hobby Lobby to pull a look together from their 50% off floral selection. Score! I found a burlap ribbon roll that wasn’t on sale but was able to apply a 40% off mobile coupon to that too. Out the door my purchase came to $74.02.

Here is the loot:


I also bought 2 little white foam pumpkins I didn’t think I was going to use in the wreath (included in the total above), but bought them just in case.

I did a trial run, placing all the items where I wanted them on the wreath, getting a feel for how it would fill in, before clipping and attaching all the layers:

Fall wreath layers

Then I added some burlap ribbon loosely around the greenery to decide if the spacing was good.


Next I removed everything and started clipping the tags and stems, tying each layer (in the same order as above) to the wreath using grapevine wire in either brown or green to coordinate with the item being attached.

Fall wreath - tie the greenery

The apples were simple foam pieces without stems, so I used some of the clipped stem wire, inserting a 4-5″ piece in the bottom of each apple and then securing the stem to the wreath. I added a polyresin letter “H” (for Haven!) and secured it using grapevine wire as well. The color was pretty similar.

When all was said and done, this was my remnant pile:

Fall wreath - remnant pile

Not bad, eh? Once the wreath was done, I hung it up on an interior door to check it for visual balance.

Fall wreath - almost completed!

It needed a little more white, so I added the two white foam pumpkins and moved a couple of the apples. I’m glad I picked them up!

Here is the finished wreath on the door…. now it officially feels like fall!

How to DIY a fall wreath for your front door

But don’t take away my iced lattes just yet.


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