Welcome to my blog!

Create a space you love.

All too often, I get asked by clients what they “should” do, what everyone else is doing, and what is popular. But here’s the thing: unless your solution fits the structure and character of the home and is tailored to your tastes and your family’s needs, it won’t be a good fit. My designs are inspired by the people they serve, and each design draws upon the potential the space already has.

I believe a good design incorporates pleasing aesthetics with functional, practical solutions for a family’s lifestyle and organizational needs. It also works within a realistic budget and can be maintained with a reasonable amount of effort and time. A great design will feel ‘just right’ – when the design accurately reflects your taste and lifestyle, it will feel like home.

This blog will often feature design and home improvement inspiration, DIY projects and tips for creating a home you love that fits the way you live, using the budget you have!

I can’t promise the blog will be perfect, but it will be authentic, and will often be a reflection of what I’m working on at the moment. Thank you for joining me for the journey!


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