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Each year at KBIS, the NKBA hosts a booth called #NKBAGlobalConnect Pavilion. NKBA Global Connect is an industry initiative and community that creates a pathway for global brands to enter the North American market.

The brands who join the program get access to an advisory panel and market research to successfully bring their product to North America and we get the opportunity to discover some really amazing and innovative products.

As part of the DesignHounds KBIS tour this year, I had the honor of attending 2 spotlight sessions that gave us first access to seven brands who we hope to see more of in the near future!

Full disclosure: NKBA Global Connect was one of the sponsors of the DesignHounds KBIS 2023 tour. This post is not sponsored per se, but my tour of KBIS 2023 was.


The first one I want to share with you is Balteco, a luxury bathtub manufacturer based in Northern Europe. Their design aesthetic is inspired by the Nordic landscape and spa rituals that are embraced as part of daily life.

The Xonyx bathtub collection from Balteco

Balteco’s new Xonyx collection (pronounced “sonix”) is a solid-surface stone cast bathtub collection that feels as amazing to the touch as it is beautiful. Available in any color imaginable, the product is built with master craftsmanship, including monolithic construction with a steel platform using a proprietary multi-stage polymerization process.

Beautifully done, Balteco!


Another beautiful product collection at the NKBA Global Connect Pavilion was from VitrA, who is based in Turkey.

VitrA creates and produces ceramic products for kitchens & baths in an array of collections:

✨ NatureVerse – the collision of nature and tech
✨ WellBeing – Water Jewels collection & Origin furniture
✨ Past Modern – soft, matte tones, clean lines
✨ Essential Collection – furniture for the bath and fireclay workstation sinks

We look forward to seeing more from VitrA in the coming months!


We’ve been hearing a lot lately about sustainability and circularity – the idea of creating products that can be recycled and reused at the end of their lifespan.

A lot of companies are giving the concept some attention, but it really gets MY attention when I see a company that is not just talking about it, but living it!

Dekker is putting sustainability, social responsibility and circularity into practice in exciting ways! They aim to create products that balance great aesthetics, exceptional functionality, and affordability- a trifecta that is hard to achieve.

Their new Sustonable product is doing just that: it’s a new countertop material that is created from quartz, glass, and reused PET (water bottles) – and it can be crushed and reused when the home is ready for a change.

Not only that, but the product itself is thin and lightweight, which reduces the cost and carbon footprint of transportation, but it’s very durable because of its Greengridz support base, which is strong, lightweight and water resistant, and it eliminates the need for a plywood sub top.

This is a product I can’t want to see more of… well done, Dekker!


Looking for a way to seamlessly fit your tech into your home?

Wall-Smart has created a suite of products that allow you to flush-mount everything from a Josh Nano (shown here) to a tablet or a Sonos unit – right into your wall, backsplash, or even masonry.

With the ability to blend tech devices seamlessly into your environment, we can create a luxury experience so you can enjoy the advantages of home automation that’s intuitive and convenient.

Ask me how we can add this feature to your upcoming remodel or new build!


One of the most exciting and innovative products I learned about during the NKBA Global Connect Spotlight was Interflex Ceramic slabs from Kale International. These slabs are available in varying sizes and thicknesses, but what’s unique and innovative is that they can be formed into curvilinear shapes.

So think curved walls, islands and structures: Interflex can be used seamlessly to create a modern look in a material that is thin, lightweight, flexible, and has all the cleanability and durability of ceramic.

Kale also offers a range of tile and other ceramic bath products.

Pitt Cooking

Customization is one of the key trends that is driving innovation in the kitchen industry.

So is the evolution of the kitchen from purely a functional space to an extension of the living space.

Well, the folks at Pitt Cooking have created an incredible way to integrate cooking into a beautiful kitchen living space.

Available in both gas burner models and new #induction burners, Pitt allows you to choose from multiple configurations and have cooktop burners installed right onto your countertop.

The induction burners can go right into the dishwasher for ultimate cleanability too.

I’m so glad I got to see these in person!


We also heard from a company in Vietnam, Tek-Com, who has been making plywood products for 17 years and has introduced a line of RTA cabinetry for the US market, with a current capacity of 75 containers per month – and growing.

Tek-Com has taken their years of expertise and operations in plywood production and applied the same quality commitment to building cabinetry at a high volume capacity. They are looking for opportunities to partner with large project and high-volume dealers and distributors.

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