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Concept Board for a Black and White Modern Farmhouse Bath

Hello friends!

I’m so excited to share with you the first in a series of shop-the-look bath packages!

These done-for-you designs are curated for you the same way they would be for a client – from concept to completion – using some of my tried-and-true favorite pieces to achieve some of the most-requested looks from current and recent projects.

First, I want to share a handful of pro design tips you can apply to your own project, whether or not you use all of the items shown on the board.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read my full disclosure for more information.

Pro tip 1:

Obtain samples whenever possible prior to ordering materials.

When you’re creating a concept board, it is important to get physical samples of the products you’re considering, whenever possible. For example, the floor tile shown on the concept board looks very different in person than it does on the website photos where it is sold. It is well worth the extra time and the relatively small cost of ordering samples to make sure what you’re purchasing is truly what you’re expecting to receive.

In this case, the tile reads black and white in the online photos, but the physical sample shows us the white is a complex cream and the black is a deep brown-gray with violet tones. This works well with the deep gray-brown stained wood of the vanity we are using for the space.

Pro tip 2:

When you’re using a patterned floor tile, limit the remaining surfaces to solid colors that relate to the floor.

In this case, a plain, creamy white countertop would be best with the floor tile, but a creamy white quartz with a very faint amount of subtle gray veining would work as well. There is already some character in the grain of the wood cabinetry too, so this palette is anything but boring.

Design Concept Flatlay using dark stained wood cabinetry, quartz counter, black pulls, and patterned floor tile
Flatlay using physical samples of the floor and wall tile to illustrate the actual tile color.

For this family-friendly bathroom, we created a high-contrast look using a bold patterned floor tile to keep the deep gray stained vanity grounded, but we kept the room light and airy by using 8×16 white ceramic tile for the shower/tub enclosure, white marble-look quartz countertops and a light wall color.

We used towel hooks instead of towel bars so towels can easily be hung up without the need to adjust and straighten them (who has time for that?), and for the hand towel, we chose a small towel bar instead of a ring to create a more modern look.

Pro tip 3:

When planning your bathroom space, if the vanity is next to a toilet, the vanity cabinet should be placed so there is 18″ clearance from the centerline of the toilet to the start of the vanity.

For this shop-the-look board, we used a 4 foot wide single-sink vanity cabinet, which works best in a bathroom that is 5 feet x 9 1/2 feet. And speaking of toilet, this skirted one piece toilet ups the family-friendly factor with an easy-to-clean base that conceals the installation hardware with simple lines.
Shop the Look Board for a Black& White Modern Farmhouse Bath

    1. Light fixture
    2. Mirror
    3. Vanity
    4. Lavatory faucet *
    5. Lavatory
    6. Floor tile
    7. Shower wall tile
    8. Robe hook
    9. Shower & tub trim (similar) *
    10. Hand towel bar
    11. Skirted 1 piece toilet *
    12. Alcove tub

* Always check with your local showroom to make sure you’ve ordered the right parts. Depending on the codes in your area, you may need to use a comparable product.

Pro tip 4:

Don’t forget the finishing touches.

For paint, go light. This bathroom combination works great with a pale greige wall color that relates to the complex cream tone in the floor tile OR in the artwork you display in the room. When it comes to adding finishing touches, bring in some greenery to create a sense of well being and to infuse some warmth and color into the high-contrast space.

If a shower curtain is used instead of a glass enclosure, stick with a clear or creamy white curtain (like this one) with a black shower rod. The patterned floor creates plenty of interest all on its own.

Best of all, if encaustic tile floors aren’t your thing, this palette can easily work with a number of substitutes for a whole different look. This leads me to my final pro tip for the day:

Pro tip 5:

Patterns, lines, and colors all contribute to the look and feel in a space. When selecting alternates, always consider how the alternate will change the feel of the room.

Here are two examples of very different floors. Even when all the other materials stay the same, the change in floor pattern dramatically changes how the room feels.

Changing to a marble hex floor tile (source) instantly changes the room from a modern farmhouse to a much more traditional space.

Changing to a 12 x 24 modern tile (source) instantly changes the character of the room by removing the farmhouse feel.

Which rooms are you anxious to update soon? I’m beginning a round of posts that address reader Q&A’s and design dilemmas and I’d love to help you with yours!


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  1. I am loving that marble hex, so classic while still allowing that touch of modern farmhouse. Stunning! This is a great series with so much information! Very well done!

  2. I personally love the classic marble hex for future flexibility – great series! And absolutely spot on advice to get actual samples before finalizing choices! Images are notoriously unreliable!

    1. Hi Amy, thank you so much for letting me know. With supply chain issues, some of the product links may get taken down by the merchant without notice. We will get these corrected in the next 24 hours with either new sources or comparable products if the original selections are not available.

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